The Lost SuperFoods – Book Review

I found such an interesting book as The Lost Superfoods. With the help of this special book, you can once again stock your cupboard with long-lost superfoods. I ordered this book a couple of months ago and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. I didn’t know there were foods that could keep for so long and still be so delicious.

It would be such a shame if we didn’t have access to these reasonably priced, nutrient-dense, and incredibly resilient foods during the next emergency.

So what is The Lost SuperFoods about and is it worth buying?

What is The Lost SuperFoods About?

A survival manual called The Lost Superfoods gives readers dietary knowledge and recipes. According to the guide’s author, there are 126 different varieties of survival foods. The book offers fascinating components, such as crucial recipes, preservation manuals, and more. The pages provide step-by-step directions for creating foraged foods along with extensive photographs.

The Lost Superfoods author Mr. Art Rude, a nutritional expert and lecturer, offers readers a thorough manual with ancient tips on food preservation and preparation. According to him, the companion is perfect for survivalists, prepper types, and people who enjoy eating foraged and organic meals. The Lost SuperFoods guide focuses solely on subjects related to survival foods.

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The Lost Superfoods Features

It only includes foods that can be kept for a long time without refrigeration.

Anyone can benefit from this lost survival food knowledge because it is so well-organized, even those who have never cooked or stocked up before.

All information is presented in a precise, step-by-step manner with colored illustrations and simple instructions.

“The Lost Superfoods” is an essential book to add to your survival stockpile because it contains over 126 lost survival foods and storage methods.

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What The Lost SuperFoods Offers?

I also find exact nutritional values for each food I add. So I always know how much macronutrients like fat, carbs, and protein my body is getting.

Accordingly to the author of “The Lost Superfoods” his goal is to have as many American households as possible prepared with three, six, or even one year’s worth or more of long-lasting superfoods to survive a local emergency like a hurricane or a national disruption like a pandemic or total grid collapse.

How To Make The US Doomsday Ration at Home

I discovered how to make my own U.S. secret military superfood that was developed during the Cold War and was meant to feed the entire US population in the harshest conditions.

The ONE Superfood That Saved Leningrad During The WW2

Now I know one of the foods that kept a few people well fed during the Leningrad siege.

Healthy and Vital Fats

I got all the information of healthy and vital fats my body needs in a crisis—without needing any refrigeration to keep good for at least one year! 

The Great Depression Food That Saved America

It’s probably the best-tasting survival I have ever tasted. It lasts for about two years without refrigeration, and the lard it’s kept in can also be used for cooking

The Long-Lasting Bread of the 1800s

It was very interesting to make this bread and it gave me a lot of energy.

The Lost Superfoods Pricing and Refund Policy

The Lost Superfoods e-guide is available on the official website.

The following is a breakdown of the discounted offers:

●    The Lost SuperFoods Physical + Digital Versions are available for $37 + $9.99 shipping and handling fee.
●    The Lost SuperFoods e-guide is available for only $37

Accordinlgy to the official website you must click the “Add to Cart” button to purchase the book. Then you can immediately access the eBook after making a successful payment. Every order is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the recipes or preservation strategies provided in the guide can email customer service at to discuss the return policy or any other questions they may have.

The Lost SuperFoods Exclusive Bonuses

Two Extra Digital Bonuses Worth $27 Each for FREE

An Underground YEAR-ROUND Greenhouse in Your Backyard

It’s called The Year-Round Greenhouse because you’ll get two harvests per year, and you might even get three or four, depending on your local climate.

All it takes to build it is a couple of days of leisurely work and around $200 in raw materials.

Projects From 1900 That Will Help You in the Next Crisis

In this bonus you will find step by step instructions to make your house more self-sufficient, prepared for anything.


To be able to live healthier lives, we need to know all the different options open. A healthy lifestyle can be hard when living in our fast-paced society but by incorporating some of these forgotten superfoods into our beings we will be able to live long and healthy lives!

Times are very difficult and I recommend everyone to read this book. Every page of The Lost SuperFoods will make you gasp and there is so much to learn.

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